El Vato

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“El Vato symbolizes friendship through
the eyes of pop culture.” – A.E. Padilla


El Vato is a Rocker

“I originally grew up in the Imperial Valley. Whoever I’d hang out with, I was the guitarist of the crew. Some of my close friends would call me vato, ese, dude or holmes. Most of my friends were Latino and we’d all listen to Heavy Metal. We’d skate or ride bikes while listening to Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer and D.R.I.. Fast forward to today and here I am creating the El Vato series. As a graphic designer, I’m inspired by Andy Warhol and pop art. I needed to tie El Vato into a story that I could relate to. I therefore turned him into a rocker who plays Heavy Metal guitar.

In regards to the art, I feel like El Vato should only depict those icons whom I (or you) admire personally. They all gave or are giving their peace offering and soul to the world. From comedy to freedom to music and art, they all continue to give something.

Do you have a specific El Vato in mind for a personal painting?
How does it work?
You send me the photo and I paint it onto 16″ x 20″ canvas.
Requirements: 50$ non-refundable to start.
Background colors: Specify Red, Blue or Black
Pose: Specify standing or sitting.
Special: Finished with high gloss varnish for shine and protection. Wired ready to hang.
Inquire: mandoland73@gmail.com


16″ x 20″ acrylic on canvas