“Grandmother’s Kitchen”

I started drawing around the age of 4. My grandmother Delia Padilla would entertain me with pencils and a large roll of paper. I’d sit at her kitchen table in Brawley California and draw for a long time. If I wasn’t doing that, I was hanging out in her grapefruit tree or hiding in her closets.

I never really sought out to be an artist but as things looked brighter, I realized that my work made people happy. I appreciate the people because they’ve basically taken a page from my diary and hung it on their wall.

Finally, art is what I do but I don’t really consider myself one. In other words, I don’t play that role. I just like falling into the creative process of it and watching things flourish. I’m still that same kid drawing in my grandmothers kitchen.

Aside from fine art I also enjoy writing (stories & poetry), journalism, video editing, 3-D modeling, playing guitar, 3-D animation, composing EDM music, publishing books and drawing.

Contact: mandoland73@gmail.com

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